Character: Nicholas Morrow

Brother of Regina. Rich as Bruce and Lila. Imprints on Elizabeth the first time he sees her. It’s not quite as creepy as Jacob and Renesmee, but it’s pretty close. Especially since Elizabeth has literally just returned from being abducted by a man who imprinted on her on their first meeting.

Sweet Valley High #23: Say Goodbye

Wing recaps Sweet Valley High 23: Say Goodbye and oh, it would help if she gave one flying fuck about Todd and Liz’s relationship, but since she doesn’t, be prepared for some nitpicking when cars and names change within a few pages.

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Sweet Valley High #13: Kidnapped!

Dove recaps Sweet Valley High #13: Kidnapped!, a misleading book because 71% of the book is not about a kidnapping. It’s about the value of homework. FFS.

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