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Updated January 2018

Welcome to Sweet Valley Online, where we are in the process of recapping Sweet Valley Twins and all of the offshoots, in publication order. Since it has lots and lots of characters, here’s a cheat sheet. And here’s our book shelf.

We update almost every Monday, with three text recaps and podcasts in a four week period and then an off week. During the podcasts, we discuss Bleak Valley, which is Raven’s twisted idea. Long story short: Liz is an only child. Sweet Valley is all in her head.

You can find our podcasts here or download/listen to them on your favourite podcast provider. The music in our podcast is provided by Stuart Taylor, and you can contact him on taylorstuart602@gmail.com to commission music for yourself.

We are a part of Nostalgic Bookshelf, which includes snarky recaps of all sorts of nostalgic media. Finally, we are twinned with Devil’s Elbow, where evil twins and friends come together to snark Point Horror and other teen genre fiction; if you need something a little less saccharine, maybe that will fit the bill.

Edit December 2020: It should go without saying, but apparently this does need spelling out explicitly: Please do not repost our recaps to other sites. There is no need to repost our work. If you enjoy it, share a link. This site has never been offline, and the cost of keeping it online is well within my (Dove’s) budget.