Character: Sandra Ferris

A fugly invisible girl who becomes popular through the power of prettiness after a makeover. Clearly she reverted to her former look, because she was never seen again after her book. Which is a good thing, because Sandra is an attention-seeking drama queen who needs a good kick in the face. Emotionally manipulative. Will probably spend the rest of her life crying in the loos on a night out, desperately forcing her friends to validate her prettiness. (Or Jessica killed her. I’m plumping for that one.) Status: Never seen again. Presumed dead and buried in the Mercandy backyard by Jessica. #ThankYouJess

SVMS Yearbook Cover 2018

Sweet Valley Middle School Yearbook Superlatives

Raven and Dove never did yearbooks. They never did superlatives. They felt like they missed out. Here are what they came up with…

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Jessica vs Elizabeth (The Hunger Games) by Dove

NaNoWriMo2017: Jessica vs Elizabeth – Chapter 9

Dove continues to NaNo, this time with a really long chapter of pre-Hunger Games interviews, hosted by Beau Dillon and Johnny Buck!

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Sweet Valley Twins 31: Jessicas Bad Idea by Jamie Suzanne

Sweet Valley Twins #31: Jessica’s Bad Idea

Dove recaps Sweet Valley Twins 31: Jessica’s Bad Idea, in which the most loathesome creature on the planet goes toe-to-toe with… Jessica? Yes. There is someone *worse* than Jess in Sweet Valley.

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