Character: Pamela McDonald

One of the creepiest characters ever invented in Sweet Valley. She becomes obsessed with Elizabeth during Elizabeth the Impossible. She dresses like her, befriends her, gets rid of Elizabeth’s other friends, and then starts controlling Elizabeth’s behaviour. See, Elizabeth, it’s not nice to be on the other end of your book-long soulmates bullshit, is it? Status: Never seen again. Presumed dead and buried in the Mercandy backyard by Jessica.

Sweet Valley Twins 51: Elizabeth the Impossible by Jamie Suzanne

Sweet Valley Twins #51: Elizabeth the Impossible

Dove recaps Sweet Valley Twins #51: Elizabeth the Impossible wherein Elizabeth enters an abusive relationship and changes everything about herself to appease her abuser. Or she gets too big for her boots after winning a few awards. You decide what you think the book’s about.

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