Sweet Valley Online Update: Next Stop… Sweet Valley High!


I’m Raven.

You know me, right? I’m [this guy]. One of the three recappers on this wonderful and irreverent recapping site.

When we started, back in 2017, our vision was clear. We’d recap all the books in the Sweet Valley Twins series, three recaps per month, until we were done. The Twins series is Dove’s favourite, from her childhood, and both Wing and I were Sweet Valley Twins virgins going in.

Not any more.

With the final two books (the Next Stop: Jnr High books, which Wiki informs me are technically the openers for the Sweet Valley Junior High series), we’re done and dusted with the Sweet Valley Twins series. That’s every main series book, every Special Edition, every Super Chiller, every Magna Edition, and even every book in the Team Sweet Valley and Unicorn Club subsets.

That’s a lot of Twin Magic, folks.

How’s it been? Great fun! … … … on the whole.

Singularly? We’ve battled through some proper clunkers. But the series as a whole has been tackled with vim, vigour, venom and vitriol. We’ve enjoyed the process, and the interaction, and we hope you have too. And now, we have a fulsome Back Catalogue, which is super cool.

So where do we go from here?

Early on, we decided to expand our Recap Ambition to encompas the whole of the Sweet Valley Cinematic Universe. This was planned to be approached in timeline order, so after Twins we’d head to Junior High, then High, then Senior Year, then University, and so on. That sounded cool to us, back in 2018.

Thing is, for that to make real sense, we should have started at Kids. We didn’t do this, so there’s nothing that’s dictating our next project, or the chronology of things going forward.

Thus, we’ve taken an Executive Decision.

First, now that we’ve finished Twins, we’re taking a little time off. Nothing too much, mind, just enough to recharge the batteries and eat a celebratory piece of cake or two. We’ve done a lot of damn recaps, after all.

We’ll be back at the beginning of September. And what are we coming back with…?

Recaps… of the Sweet Valley High series.

From Double Love to Party Weekend, with all the books in between.

That’s right, folks… it’s time to hit the Main Event. The Big Kahuna. The Spiciest Sausage. The EndBoss.

Sweet. Valley. High.

We will return to Junior High. Hell, we’ll return to Kids in the fullness of time. But to tell the truth, we want to kick things into a higher gear, and get rolling with the series which has the largest fanbase and fullest catalogue. Thirty more Junior High books is another ten months of breadsticks and nibbles, and after the Twin-shaped starter we’ve just consumed, we’re so ready to chow down on the main course.

I hope you’re as excited as we are by this decision. It’s going to be great fun.

There’s more to tell, of course. We’ve wider plans, with podcasts and Patreon content and merchandise and guest recaps and giveaways and surpises and more. That’s for later. We’ve gotta keep something up our sleeves for September, after all.


September 5th, 2022. Our first recap of the Sweet Valley High series. Double Love. Recapped by yours truly.

Welcome to the Brave New World. And be sure to save the date.

Yours, as ever,

Raven, Dove and Wing.