Episode 35: The Big Party Weekend

Wing, Raven and Dove talk about Sweet Valley Twins 54: The Big Party Weekend. They also discuss Bleak Valley and how the book ties into this theory.

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Raven: Hello!

We last published a podcast in September 2019. Eighteen months ago. And we’d recorded it a full year earlier.

Last month, we dusted off the mics and picked up where we left off. We’re now older, and wiser, around eighty books worse for wear, and we’d all forgotten what buttons to press, but we had fun, and we promised each other we’d record more. Since then, we have.

Here’s ninety minutes of bluster, blather and bluff on everyone’s favourite blonde-haired blue-eyed twins, specifically tackling The Big Party Weekend. We’ll be returning to our usual 3-recap-1-podcast four-weekly cycle (ish), so be sure to stay tuned to the signal weaving through.

Next week, I’ll be recapping Happy Mother’s Day, Lila, but for now enjoy our dulcet tones as we discuss a book we’d pretty much forgotten. All bar Dove, naturally, becuase she has a supernatural memory where the Wakefields are concerned.

Until next time!