Episode 27: Mademoiselle Jessica

Wing, Raven and Dove talk about Sweet Valley Twins 46: Mademoiselle Jessica. They also discuss Bleak Valley and how the book ties into this theory.

Music is provided by Stuart Taylor, who can be contacted on taylorstuart602@gmail.com if you wish to commission music.

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Hello! Raven here. Yeah, I know. It’s been a while.

Here at The Bookshelf Birdhouse, Dove, Wing and I – alongside our other feathered associates – have been recapping up a storm, and recording podcasts like there’s no tomorrow. The raw data for around five Sweet Valley Twins podcasts is currently sat in the Nostalgic Bookshelf Vault, ready for loving post-production and publication.

That all-important, time-consuming step? That’s down to me. And, bluntly, I suck at it.

It’s laborious. It demands total concentration and no background Netflix. It’s technically specific. And it’s outside my wheelhouse.

I struggle through, of course, bogged down, flailing and flapping like a cormorant in an oil slick. I get there. But the constant weekly deadlines give me little time to improve the process, no opportunity to learn a better way. And if there’s a technical issue… it’s horrible.

For the last few casts, we’ve had some syncing issues with Dove’s recordings. There are tiny skips and drops in her audio, which elongate the process almost exponentially.

Truthfully? It all got a bit much for me. I needed a break. So I took one. For a lot longer than I intended.

It took a while to get back onto the horse, but I’ve eventually saddled up, and I’m good to ride. So we’re back, and plan to start publishing podcasts weekly once again. Yay!

I’m currently looking into cool ways to make the job easier. As I’m entirely self-taught, I’m presuming that my current process is horrifically flabby, and the Good Folk of the Internet will have cool ideas and optimisations to make the tasks deft, agile and fun once more.

I hope you enjoy this podcast. The next will be with you sometime next week. There may be a few schedule blips in the coming few weeks, while I smooth everything out, but with good will and a favourable wind we’ll be back to full speed soon.

Cheers all!

Raven (and Dove and Wing)