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Good-bye summer, hello Sweet Valley High.

Evil triplets Dove, Raven, and Wing started recapping Sweet Valley Twins in January 2017. All these long years later, we finally graduated middle school (and skipped straight through junior high). We hope you liked our middle school misadventures and join us for all the strange, entertaining high school melodrama starting with Sweet Valley High #1: Double Love, recap posting far too early Monday morning, just like class.

Thank you to all our readers and listeners! You’ve given us so much joy over the past five years. Doing this would not be nearly as much fun without you.

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Whether or not you can support us monetarily, we thank you again. You’re all rockstars, each and every one of you, and high school wouldn’t be the same if you pulled a new girl and disappeared off into the ether.

(Since I, Wing, wrote this, I am taking a bit of space to thank Dove and Raven. We’ve all had a stressful, sometimes terrible, often wonderful five years, and this project continues to make me happy. Thank you both for all the time you put into it, and Dove, thank you for introducing us to this ridiculous world. Maybe after five years, I’ll finally get those damn werewolves you promised.)