Episode 3: Daddy, bring me a narwhal!

Dove, Raven and Wing discuss Sweet Valley Twins 7 Three’s a Crowd, 8 First Place, and 9 Against the Rules, as well as bleak Valley.

I am Dove. I am: Team Jessica (Sweet Valley); Team Bad Guy (Point Horror);  Team Geiger (Making Out); Team Nina/Lucas (Making Out); and I am the voice of a claymation cow named Daisy, and I was in an advert for Fairy Liquid in the 80s.

One comment on “Episode 3: Daddy, bring me a narwhal!”

  • Liz is a Fat Virgin says:

    I really enjoy the idea of Bleak Valley. It does make the series more palatable, especially with the loads of fat/disability/minority/outsider shaming that was common here – and in many other 80s seri…

    If you do continue on recapping, I’d fascinated to hear University recontextualized as it is the most realistic series (except Senior Year, but I didn’t read any of them so I’ve only heard of the late ’90s realism.) I didn’t read SVU until I was an adult but the plots actually have some consequence. I was totally thrown by #1 because the Twins are in vastly different places than they started and there was be no sitcom-y return to the norm to start #2.


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