Episode 33: Booster Boycott

Wing, Raven and Dove talk about Sweet Valley Twins 52: Booster Boycott. They also discuss Bleak Valley and how the book ties into this theory.

Music is provided by Stuart Taylor, who can be contacted on taylorstuart602@gmail.com if you wish to commission music.

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Looking back at things I've enjoyed, and smashing them to pieces with the Snark-Hammer. Lover of games of every stripe and hue. NOT A REAL BIRD.

One comment on “Episode 33: Booster Boycott”

  • Liz is a Fat Virgin says:

    If you are looking for copies, I own all of SVH and all of SVT (I think.) I have nearly all SVU and SVK. I haven’t read Kids. My sister liked them, so at one point, we did collect them.

    I have 3 rules for Sweet Valley life:
    1. Wakefield uber alles
    2. Thin = good, fat = evil
    3. No one is complete without a man
    There are several subsections to #3, one of which is jealous = love.

    Wing knows Margo??? I have been holding my tongue about her! The Margo books are FUCKING AMAZING!!!!

    It is very sportsy to “play through the pain.” It’s typically a desire to play that trumps any pain. I have been guilty in my past, needing a coach to bench my injured ass.

    What if Bleak Liz is Winston? She wants to try out for the cheerleaders/outside event, and she was practicing in secret, but gets roughed up by her family. Don’t know how she gets to the win, but this wouldn’t be her first concussed fantasy.


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