Episode 26: Lucy Takes The Reins

Wing, Raven and Dove talk about Sweet Valley Twins 45: Lucy Takes The Reins. They also discuss Bleak Valley and how the book ties into this theory.

Music is provided by Stuart Taylor, who can be contacted on taylorstuart602@gmail.com if you wish to commission music.

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[Raven: A few tech issues with Dove’s audio in this, hence the delay. Back to the normal schedule next week!]

Looking back at things I've enjoyed, and smashing them to pieces with the Snark-Hammer. Lover of games of every stripe and hue. NOT A REAL BIRD.

3 comments on “Episode 26: Lucy Takes The Reins

  • Don’t worry Wing, the rescued baby seal in Sweet Valley Kids #28 does die! So I guess the books aimed at seven year olds were more realistic about mortality… (Also Jessica saves a baby sea lion in SVK #49, so she seems to have a unusual aptitude for rescuing marine mammals. She should really consider that as a career).

  • Liz is a Fat Virgin says:

    This was published a year and a half after Exxon Valdez. I know I saw oil spill footage on local news growing up, though I can’t say for certain which one(s) it was.
    *looks up list of oil spills*
    There was a spill in Orange County CA in ’90, and then the Gulf War in the beginning of ’91 (which is the largest ocean spill on record) so it seems likely to me that a California preteen would be aware of spills.


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