Who we are:

Identical twins (or at least sisters from another mister). We like our fiction dark, fast-paced, and humorous. We love snappy dialog and strong female characters. Diversity: super important… so, will Sweet Valley be any better than Point Horror for this? This time around, we’ve added Raven to the chaos. He’s funny. You’ll like him.

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Totally the evil one of this trio. Never read Sweet Valley Twins, dislike pastel colors, and prefer my fiction with monsters. Clearly this is going to go well for me. (Don’t tell anyone, but Dove can talk me into pretty much anything. Always funny that she has to work up the nerve before she asks.) I recap with Dove at PointHorror.com, and my mantra holds true here: every story needs more werewolves.

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Allegedly the less evil one out of Wing and Dove, but my husband, aka Raven, will probably disagree. I’ve been recapping on PointHorror.com since January 2013, and I feel it has taken me that long to work up the nerve to ask Wing to help me tackle Sweet Valley Twins.  I read this series back in the day, and bought a book a week for a few years but never managed to finish the set. Now I have a few more pennies in my pocket and the wonderful resource of the internet, I’m able to find the ones that are missing in my collection and read it from beginning to end. I have nostalgia goggles when it comes to SVT, and I think this will help rip off those goggles.  Or I’ll convert Wing and Raven. Who knows.

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Definitley not the evil one of these particular Three Amigos, despite having the most Goth pseudonym. I’ve never recapped anything, nor have I read any Sweet Valley Twins, and before last week I lacked both the desire and gumption to start. I do possess, however, a workable vocabulary, a bucketful of snark, and a pelican stuffed with whimsy. I am bringing the lauded Male Perspective to the table, and thus will not be truly satisfied until someone in Sweet Valley is outed as a terrorist and mown down in a hail of bullets. (Don’t worry, that’s a lie. My mind is so open it has been repeatedly looted by vagabonds, and I fully expect to fall in love with the Wakefields and their friends. But until I do… yippie-ki-yay.)

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