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Sweet Valley Twins #101: Twins In Love

Sweet Valley Twins #101: Twins in Love by Jamie Suzanne

Title: Twins in Love

Tagline: Are the Wakefield twins seeing double?

Summary: Identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield can’t believe their eyes. While on holiday at the Triple Z ranch, they meet two perfect guys—who happen to be thirteen-year-old twins! Elizabeth hits it off immediately with Nick Handel and his brother, Chris, is the boy of Jessica’s dreams. At first.

After one double date, the twins think that maybe they each picked the wrong twin. So, on their second double date, they pull a secret twin switch. Jessica pretends to be Elizabeth… and Elizabeth pretends to be Jessica. Now they are each with the right boy. Or are they?

Initial Thoughts:

To be honest, I’m still reeling from the Haunted Mansion shitshow. Boy, was that a holy calamafuck, amiright?

Twins. In love. With, it seems, other twins. Pretty sure I’ve seen the movie of this… definitely wasn’t for a preteen audience, mind.

I’m excited to be entering the non-Riccoli-Mansion parts of Sweet Valley again. Maybe we’ll get some Unicorns! That’d be nice. And here’s hoping there’s much less Steven, and absolutely zero instances of fucking lawnmower japery.


[Dove: Urgh.]

[Wing: The second I finished this book, I texted Dove and Raven because I knew Dove would have some choice words to say about the horse parts of this book. I can’t wait to read them.]