No book is complete without an awesome twin switch. Also, presumably, this tag could also reference actual twin magic, in the few books where they have twin intuition.

Sweet Valley Twins 6: The New Girl

Sweet Valley Twins #6: The New Girl by on 13 February 2017

Title: The New Girl Tagline: How can twin sisters cause triple trouble? Answer: By kidnapping a classmate and forcing them to undergo radical plastic surgery for the purposes of a joke? Pretty sure Amy would do it willingly. Summary: Identical twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield don’t always agree on things – until Brooke Dennis arrives Read more about Sweet Valley Twins #6: The New Girl

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Sweet Valley Twins 2: Teacher's Pet

Sweet Valley Twins #2: Teacher’s Pet by on 9 January 2017

Title: Teacher’s Pet Tagline: Will Jessica steal the lead in the ballet recital from Elizabeth? (The answer to that question is always yes. If Jessica can steal something from Elizabeth, she will. And Elizabeth will be like, “Oh, Jess, you’re so funny.”) [Raven: Alternate Tagline – “Elizabeth waves her hands in the air, while Jessica Read more about Sweet Valley Twins #2: Teacher’s Pet

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