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Sweet Valley Twins #78: Steven the Zombie

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Sweet Valley Twins #78: Steven the Zombie by Jamie Suzanne

Dove recaps Sweet Valley Twins #78: Steven the Zombie, which is offensive to voodoo practitioners, the disabled, Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth specifically, and is literally the worst Sweet Valley book Dove has ever read. That includes ithig.

Sweet Valley Twins Super Chiller #3: The Carnival Ghost

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Sweet Valley Twins Super Edition #3: The Carnival Ghost by Jamie Suzanne

Wing forgot to fill this in, so Dove will summarise: Wing falls hopelessly in love with this awesome story, wherein Liz makes BFFs with a ghost, Lila is sass personified, Jessica is a true believer, and DOVE WAS RIGHT THAT THIS IS THE BEST SWEET VALLEY BOOK EVER.

Sweet Valley Twins #35: Amy’s Pen Pal

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Sweet Valley Twins #35: Amy's Pen Pal by Jamie Suzanne

Raven recaps Sweet Valley Twins 35: Amy’s Pen Pal, in which Amy Sutton loses a new friend to siren call of the Unigibbons. Will they steal her friend forever?