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Character: Mrs Rizzo

Sophia and Tony’s mom. Kind of an awesome lady. Was on disability benefits, but was saved by the Wakefields (obv). Now works for an international firm where she gets to use her Italian a lot. Dates Mr. Thomas.

Sweet Valley Twins 62: Sarah’s Dad and Sophia’s Mom by Jamie Suzanne Sweet Valley Twins: Sweet Valley Twins #62: Sarah’s Dad and Sophia’s Mum by Wing
Wing recaps Sweet Valley Twins #62: Sarah's Dad and Sophia's Mum and is both annoyed and bored. How? How is that even possible? All these great tropes and yet the story is terrible.

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Sweet Valley Twins 9: Against the Rules Sweet Valley Twins: Sweet Valley Twins #9: Against the Rules by Raven
Raven recaps Sweet Valley Twins #9: Against the Rules, wherein Elizabeth befriends a poor person. And her parents don't like it. Can you blame them? You don't live in Sweet Valley to bump into poor people.

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