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Character: Kerry Glenn

Q: Who are you, Kerry Glen?

A: If you need a background non-Unicorn to speak, and Cammi Adams isn’t around, Kerry’s who you need.

Sweet Valley Twins 31: Jessicas Bad Idea by Jamie Suzanne Sweet Valley Twins: Sweet Valley Twins #31: Jessica’s Bad Idea by Dove
Dove recaps Sweet Valley Twins 31: Jessica's Bad Idea, in which the most loathesome creature on the planet goes toe-to-toe with... Jessica? Yes. There is someone *worse* than Jess in Sweet Valley.

 Elizabeth’s book-long soulmate: 

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Sweet Valley Twins 2: Teacher's Pet Sweet Valley Twins: Sweet Valley Twins #2: Teacher’s Pet by Dove
Title: Teacher’s Pet Tagline: Will Jessica steal the lead in the ballet recital from Elizabeth? (The answer to that question is always yes. If Jessica can steal something from Elizabeth, she will. And Elizabeth will be like, “Oh, Jess, you’re so funny.”) [Raven: Alternate Tagline – “Elizabeth waves her hands in the air, while Jessica […]

 Jessica’s hobby of the moment: 

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