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Character: Kent Kellerman

Adorable actor on tacky soap All the World that the Unicorns are addicted to. Also, Brooke Dennis’ father knows him.

Sweet Valley Twins 20: Playing Hooky - Jamie SuzanneSweet Valley Twins: Sweet Valley Twins #20: Playing Hooky (3 Jul 2017)
Title: Playing Hooky Tagline: How far will Elizabeth go to save her sister? [Raven: Not as far as Jessica, I’m sure.] [Wing: Not sure Jessica would go any sort of distance to save anyone else but herself.] Summary: Kent Kellerman, soap opera star, is coming to town. One whole episode of his show is being […]

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Sweet Valley Twins 19: The Bully - Jamie SuzanneSweet Valley Twins: Sweet Valley Twins #19: The Bully (26 Jun 2017)
Dove recaps Sweet Valley Twins #19: The Bully, a book she loves the idea of, but loathes the execution of.

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