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Character: Charlie Cashman

A bully? A trouble-maker? I dunno, he pops up when conflict is necessary.

Sweet Valley Twins 52: Booster Boycott by Jamie Suzanne Sweet Valley Twins: Sweet Valley Twins #52: Booster Boycott by Wing
Wing recaps Sweet Valley Twins #52: Booster Boycott and burns everything to the fucking ground. Fuck gender essentialism. Fuck heteronormativity. Fuck Wakefields Must Win.

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Sweet Valley Twins 28: April Fool by Jamie Suzanne Sweet Valley Twins: Sweet Valley Twins #28: April Fool! by Raven
Raven recaps Sweet Valley Twins #28: April Fool! This book sees Elizabeth and Jessica join forces against their brother Stephen, who has become possessed by a giant squid. The fourteen-year-old sandwich chomper threatens to squirt his murky ink all over Sweet Valley, and the twins decree he Must Be Stopped. (Actually, that's a big lie... April Fool!)

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Sweet Valley Twins 12: Keeping Secrets Sweet Valley Twins: Sweet Valley Twins #12: Keeping Secrets by Raven
Title: Keeping Secrets Tagline: Will Jessica and Elizabeth both break their promises? I reckon it’ll be 50-50. Summary: Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield’s father teaches them a secret language called Ithig. All their friends want to know the secret too, but the twins have made a pact with their father not to give it away. Elizabeth, […]

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Sweet Valley Twins 3: The Haunted House Sweet Valley Twins: Sweet Valley Twins #3: The Haunted House by Raven
Title: The Haunted House Tagline: Will a witch’s spell come between Elizabeth and Jessica? [Dove: Not until Super Chiller #9, and it’s more of a curse than a spell…] [Wing: SPOILERS.] Summary: Everyone at Sweet Valley Middle School has always said the Mercandy mansion is haunted. Strange lights flicker in the windows at night, and […]

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