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Coming Soon: Nostalgic Bookshelf

Dec 2017


In January 2018, Devil’s Elbow celebrates its 5th anniversary and Sweet Valley Online its 1st. We’ve had a blast recapping, podcasting, and connecting with all of you over the years. We’ve had readers tell us it’s like one big, opinionated book club, and that’s part of the joy for us too.

Devil’s Elbow and Sweet Valley Online will be holding their own celebrations in January, but we want to announce our next big venture: Nostalgic Bookshelf (www.nostalgicbookshelf.com). We’re expanding the recap empire, and boy do we have some fun things in store for you.

Both Devil’s Elbow and Sweet Valley Online will continue with their current schedules, but we’re adding additional content and new recappers. In January 2018, Nostalgic Bookshelf will launch. In addition to the ongoing content at Devil’s Elbow and Sweet Valley Online, we will be recapping and discussing the Baby-Sitters Club series by Ann M. Martin, the Making Out series by Katherine Applegate, the world of Enid Blyton, and the Game Box, which will include Choose Your Own Adventure books and games, tabletop games, and classic console and computer games.

There will be many more surprises to come, and more information as we get closer to our January launch.

We’ll introduce the new recappers with their first recaps, and we know you’re going to love them.

(If you have ever wanted to be a part of this nostalgic recapping, podcasting, and discussions, or if you have any comments or questions, email us at management@nostalgicbookshelf.com. We’re open to nostalgic media from at least 10 years ago or earlier.)

We’ve had a great time building this community with you, and we hope you’ll enjoy the additional content and new areas of nostalgia. Be sure to tell your friends!

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Delayed Recap

Nov 2017

Sorry all! After Dove and I switched books, I completely messed up which weekend was my weekend to recap. It will go up once Dove and Raven have a chance to comment, probably later this week. I apologize for the delay. At least you have some great Hunger Games to distract you, right?

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The Katherine Applegate/Michael Grant Books of Sweet Valley Twins

Sep 2017

You’re going to have to bear with me on this, because I’m still a bit gushy. Michael Grant followed me on Twitter, and I thought that was a big deal. Then he tweeted at me. (@SweetValley_ if you want to follow me, by the way.)

And this was news to me. I knew that Katherine Applegate was a ghostie, but I never knew that Michael Grant was involved, so this generated a lot of squee from me.  I had been a fan of Katherine Applegate since the Making Out years, then found Michael Grant’s Gone series independently. Wing and I nearly exploded with joy when we realized they were married. I think many of our squees were about how much talent was contained within their house!

I have been telling Raven and Wing that SV gets so much better once we hit a point. And that point pretty much encompasses the books that Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate wrote.

Then Katherine Applegate gave us this little gem.

I had to ask about the Super/Special/Chiller editions and Michael kindly gave more information.

I’m amazed that these lovely people took the time to answer my questions about some old books. I’m also delighted that Michael actually started this conversation.  This has just been a lovely conversation, with some great snippets of information that we’ve wondered about for quite awhile.

And – feel free to skip this part – here’s one of the reasons why it’s so lovely. I grew up reading these two without even knowing about it. I then fell in love with the writing they published under their own names. I was quite a lonely teen, and reading the Making Out series in particular, knowing that Nina was so odd but loved gave me a bit of hope.

tl;dr, Katherine Applegate’s writing impacted my life, and later the same was true of her husband. And for 20 minutes this evening, I existed to them too.

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Delayed Recap

Jul 2017

Due to some travel that took longer than expected, this week’s recap will be delayed. It should be up within 24 hours. Sorry, all.

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Coming Soon…

Dec 2016

I got the go-ahead from Wing that she would be up for recapping Sweet Valley Twins. Then I was overcome with pre-project excitement, so I ran off and bought a domain name. It’s all Wing’s fault, she wasn’t there to stop me.

However, Wing never said when she’d be up for recapping, so the domain is bought, the wordpress is installed, and now we’re nice and ready, whenever ever Wing gets a spare few minutes to throw in this direction.

That’s a joke. Wing’s very busy.


Edit: Got the word from Wing. And I quote “this fiasco” will be kicking off on 2 January 2017. And added bonus, we have a secret triplet, Raven, joining us in recapping.

The most sickeningly perfect twins in the entire universe

The most sickeningly perfect twins in the entire universe

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